Sele Agroresearch SRL

Sele Agroresearch Srl was established in the South Italy in 2015 and delivers a wide range of services from well-documented individual trials to overall product development programs. The founders and partners, come from a long experience in the agrochemicals worldwide. Sele Agroresearch srl assists over 30 agrochemical and biotechnology companies in evaluating new and existing compounds and providing GEP- DEMO- BAD's – compliant regulatory and bio-efficacy studies for compound registration and re-registration.

Our mission is to deliver competitive advantage to our clients by providing R&D services across a range of territories and targets world-wide, based on our staff’s expertise in crop production and protection. Our commitment is to provide our clients with independent, high quality and timely studies, reports and recommendations, on crop production and protection, environmental chemistry, seeds/traits and for product registration.

We work for the satisfaction of our clients…..